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Remote and onsite diagnostic-prescriptive educational development for students via the IXL Learning System

Baseline offers in-school tutoring, after school tutoring, and summer school tutoring to provide the support students need to catch up on their learning that was interrupted due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. We employ highly qualified tutors who work closely with classroom teachers to customize targeted learning that addresses a student’s immediate learning needs, provides additional instructional time by aligning the tutoring activities to current classroom activities, offers more engagement, rapid feedback, and less distractions in one-on-one and small group environments, creates meaningful mentor relationships between tutors and students.

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High Dosage Targeted Tutoring In-School, After School, or Summer Programming

Human & Educational Services Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, minority-owned and operated community development service provider committed to improving outcomes at all levels for urban families, educators, and children in underserved communities. Baseline Human & Educational Services is located in Oak Park, Michigan at 25900 Greenfield Road # 263, Oak Park, Michigan 48237.
The corporation is directed by Dr. Carolyn Carter, a literacy development expert and ELA consultant. Baseline provides literacy development leadership for a teachers and school leaders’ grant targeting 3 school districts in the Metro Detroit area: River Rouge Public Schools (City of River Rouge), George Washington Carver Academy (Highland Park), and Eagles Nest Academy (Flint) as part of a project awarded by the US Department of Education for the Teachers and School Leaders’ federal grant. Baseline employs a cadre of excellent, graduate level educational consultants who provide literacy development, trauma-sensitivity for educators, and classroom management services for low-income school settings.    
Corporate Experience with Out of School Programming: As early as 2002, Baseline principals have provided Supplemental Educational Services in accordance with No Child Left Behind legislation in Michigan, Alabama, North Carolina, California, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. Doing business as Carter, Reddy, and Associates, a provider authorized to offer supplemental educational services to eligible students in after school settings began in 2002 and ended in 2013 when the funding from NCLB’ Supplemental Educational Services were exhausted. Students received detailed assessments in English language arts and mathematics and individualized learning plans were developed for each student. This multi-state initiative we launched provided services to several thousand students. Funding Source: NCLB Title One Supplemental Educational Services.
In 2009, we submitted application for 21CCLC programming and was awarded a 5-year grant for Dreamland Academy (Little Rock), and we provided a comprehensive out of school program that included academic tutoring in reading and mathematics,  and they received significant enrichment activities that included recreation (basketball and volleyball), dance, martial arts, painting, graphic arts, computer games, and field trips to local areas of interest for 100 students. Funding Source: 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Arkansas Department of Education.
In 2014, our corporation was approved by the Michigan Department of Education to provide external academic services to Michigan Tier 1 and Tier 2 schools. We embedded consultants in Detroit Public Schools’ Osborn Evergreen High School and provided in class tutoring for students and after school programming for MSTEP and SAT preparation. Similarly, we provided Before and After School services to students enrolled in the Webber Media Arts Academy located in Pontiac providing students in grades K-2 with literacy tutoring and their 3-8 counterparts with academic and enrichment programming. We embedded consultants in Hope Academy (Detroit) who provided tutoring in reading development for students in grades 3-8. Funding Sources: These services were funded by Title One, the Michigan Department of Education’s Third Grade Reading Development Initiative.
Current Programming: Baseline provides academic tutoring and enrichment for K-12 students. Funding for this tutoring is provided by Baseline Human & Educational Services and private donors. Current successful implementation of before and after school programming takes place in Oak Park, Michigan where Saturday programming provides academic and enrichment services for students in elementary and middle school settings. Funding Sources for Current Programming: Baseline sponsors 50 high school students, donors sponsor 20 students, parents pay a nominal fee, and those unable to pay receive services for no cost.

Struggling Readers Need Mental Frameworks

Unfortunately, struggling learners lack frameworks that they can use to organize and understand information. This deficiency hinders their ability to navigate difficult material and limits their learning and understanding.  Because visible problems are much easier to dissect, diagnose and solve, our tutors will improve students’ ability to bring learning problems to a state of visibility by integrating metacognitive skills, and text structures/features within their tutoring session to help students understand academic content.  

Teamwork builds trust and the
trust build growth.

William Carter, MS. Ed.

Chief Executive Officer, Baseline Human & Educational Services

William oversees all programming at Baseline, but he currently is focused on establishing a high- quality home help care program for eligible seniors and disabled veterans in Wayne, Oakland, and Genesee counties. He is a retired educator who has taught students in Detroit (MI), Gainesville (FL), and Little Rock (AR). He is the former CEO of Carter, Reddy, & Associates, a multi-state tutoring program. He is a graduate of Wayne State University (M.S, Ed) and Alabama State University (B.S. Ed). He has completed post-masters’ coursework at the University of Central Arkansas. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha and is married to Carolyn Carter and father of Kelley L. Carter..

Dr. Carolyn Carter

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Carter is a former school administrator, professor of reading and literacy. She is an educational consultant who has served as the literacy consultant for several urban school districts, helping to develop and implement best practices in literacy education and develop teachers and students in cognitive reading strategies and writing types. As a former reading professor, she provided consultant services to traditional public schools and public charter school districts throughout the state of Michigan. She has significant experience helping schools (teachers, administrators) understand the current literacy standards and assisting them in developing successful school and classroom literacy interventions which are the subjects of her international and national publications. Dr. Carter is a graduate of Wayne State University and is married to Bill Carter, and Kelley L. Carter is her daughter.

Erin Goodwin, BS. Health Care Sciences


Erin Goodwin is the Operations Manager responsible for coordinating Baseline’s Michigan Department of Health & Human Services’ Home Help Care Program and the Veteran Administration Community Care Network program for disabled veterans. She handles recruitment, enrollment, caregiver orientation, and human resources. Erin is a graduate of Cass Technical High School, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Sciences from Wilberforce University. She is the mother of two sons: Darrin and Drew and is married to Daniel.

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